DEF CON 30 and Las Vegas

Hacker Warehouse will be in the vendor are during DEF CON 30. Maps were recently released and the vendors will be in the new Caesars Forum complex.

From a logistics aspect this means that online orders from 8/1 to 8/15 will start going out on 8/16. Shipments might be delayed further if inventory gets sold out at the event. If you are out there, please stop by our booth and say hello. We will have a few new products along with demo samples from our recent collaboration with Paragon Gear as well!

Thanks for your understanding about shipping impacts and we are excited to see our hacker friends and family again soon!

2022-08-20 Update: We are back and starting to fulfill orders in the backlog. It was amazing to see fellow hackers at the conferences. We did sell out on many items so we are waiting on a few manufacturing runs right now before we can complete some orders but majority of orders we should be caught up with in the upcoming week. I have seen lots of reports from people that they tested positive for covid that was caught during con. Wish everyone that caught it speedy recoveries.

2022-08-25 Update: I posted on twitter prior that we had flipper zeros coming in hopefully in time for DEFCON but sadly they got stuck in customs. If it weren’t for customs it would have made it to us in time. We did get the shipment cleared and forwarded on so stay tuned for our listing!

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