DEF CON 23 talks we are excited about

DEF CON 23 is right around the corner as well. I have a bias towards offense topics and hardware hacking topics, but here are the talks I’d want to learn more about:

  • Drive It Like You Hacked It: New Attacks and Tools to Wirelessly Steal Cars
  • Don’t Whisper my Chips: Sidechannel and Glitching for Fun and Profit
  • Build a free cellular traffic capture tool with a vxworks based femoto
  • How to Hack a Tesla Model S
  • HamSammich – long distance proxying over radio
  • LTE Recon and Tracking with RTLSDR
  • How to Train Your RFID Hacking Tools
  • ThunderStrike 2: Sith Strike
  • Key-Logger, Video, Mouse — How To Turn Your KVM Into a Raging Key-logging Monster
  • Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle
  • Hacking Electric Skateboards: Vehicle Research For Mortals
  • NSA Playset: JTAG Implants
  • RFIDiggity: Pentester Guide to Hacking HF/NFC and UHF RFID

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