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2015 Conference Plans

Being part of the community is certainly a core value I have with Hacker Warehouse and being at conferences supports that notion. I’m excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the following conferences:

If you help run a conference and would like us out there, please reach out!

HackRF One Kits are shipping!

We got our shipment of HackRF One and ANT500 today. Most pre-orders went out today and the rest will go out tomorrow. For those in the United States, you should have your order in hand by this weekend. We still have HackRF One Kit inventory available so if you have been holding off / waiting for it to become available, now is the time.

Happy hacking 🙂


The Hacker Warehouse crew had a great and fun time at DEFCON 22. This was our second year being a vendor at DEFCON and we expanded to two tables as well as the onsite product selection to include Parallax gear for badge hacking, faraday bags for forensics purposes and Gunnar glasses. We are constantly evaluating what products to bring to support the audience the best, so if you have suggestions on what to bring next year, please drop us a line on our contact page.


Hacker Warehouse banner above some SimpleWifi antennas.


Jim getting ready for the crowds. Somehow we had extra table space before the area was open.


Once the doors opened we ended up with more products to fill up every space on the table!


These two guys hacked up their badge to be a portable communication device over xbee. Other components were an xbox keyboard and lcd screen. They mentioned that they could communication with each other regardless of where they were in the DEFCON spaces! Awesome work guys.


Closing note: Thanks to everyone that supported us. From Jim, Jaime, Peter and Charles to the NoVA Hackers to the Goons to everyone that stopped by and interacted with us. It was a great time and we hope to see you soon. Cheers.

Security B-Sides Orlando

bsidesorlando2014 booth

Security B-Sides Orlando was awesome. The two day event occurred this last weekend and we had a blast. With close to 300 people attending, there were plenty of great discussions and lots of learning.

bsidesorlando2014 tshirt back

We also held a drawing for a $100 gift card. The process we used was to take all the entries, remove the duplicates, and then use a random number generator to find the winner. Number 14 was selected which was associated to Kurt C. Congratulations Kurt for winning the $100 gift card!

Thanks for Jonathan and the rest of the conference organizers and volunteers for putting together a great event. Thanks to all the attendees for stopping by, having good conversations, and buying some cool gear. I’m sure we will see you again soon. Cheers.