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New Vendor: Serepick

We are excited to announce that we are now selling Serepick tools which include the Bogota Titan Lock Picks and the Bogota Lock Pick EntryCard. Both items are incredibly useful when in the field.

New Vendor: ALFA Networks

ALFA Networks makes several hacker friendly wireless devices such as the AWUS036NHA usb wireless adapter and AP121U portable AP/router, and we are excited to now have those products and several others in stock.

New Category: Lock Picks

Now in stock are several lock pick sets and related items. Must have items for physical penetration tests!

New Vendor: KeyDemon

We are pleased to have products from KeyDemon! Now in stock are several of their products such as a KeyGrabber which is a physical keystroke recorder, and the VideoGhost which is a display recorder. Both items are great for penetration tests!